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Product Packaging Design of Training Pads For Puppies by Mounim KH

About us:

We are in the process of creating a new business selling products on Amazon.com (USA)
Our first product will be boxes of Training Pads (mainly for puppies) 100 pads per box.
The pads can also have other uses eg dogs home alone, senior dogs and lining cages and carriers, but the main use is to house train puppies.
We will at a later date launch other pet products so we would like the packaging design to compliment other products we launch in this neish to create brand awareness.

We have not created a Logo for Berryedge because we want it to sit well with the packaging design.
I would like the Berryedge to be a simple text because at a later date I would like to launch other products in other category’s such as Health and Personal Care or House and Garden.

What we need is:

We would like to stand out and create something different to all the other Puppy Training Pads that are currently the top sellers on Amazon.com.
We would like the box to be colourful, vibrant, eye catching with crisp graphics.
It will need to be a colour that can be for both male or female dogs.
I like simple, fresh, unique , organic and natural.
I want the box to say I’m a quality product.
I want my customers to be excited when they see the packaging.
I need to make sure people know exactly what the product is from looking at the box.

Packaging Solution Design :

Package Design of Training Pads For Dog Closed

Package Design of Training Pads For Dog

Package Design of Training Pads For Dog Opned in 2 Options
The Package Design of Training Pads For Puppies Designed To Be Opened In Two Ways

Package Design of Training Pads For Dog Opned  Plan of Package Design - Training Pads For Puppies

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